Use Your Indicators or not as the case may be!
Indicators were used on were you one of the few that did??

Boring facts about indicators

Flashing indicators on cars become legal in 1954

All new cars must have flashing turn indicators from 1st September 1965

Indicators were first included in the MOT test from 1977

Did you know they can actually assist other road users and pedestrians when used correctly?

Some people would say no need to indicate if there's no one around - I would disagree as by using them (remember it's free) you get into a good habit - and you never know when that fast car or motorbike will appear - and therefore will instantly see your intended manouvre - obviously don't blindly rely on others indicator (as they may have left it on - so show always caution anyway - you must be aware at all times but round the corner surprises are always there.

Using your Indicators

What they are - they are usually yellowy orange coloured things made of plastic or glass with a bulb inside, modern ones are sometimes disguised behind clear lenses, see a picture here.

They can be found on each corner (well very nearly) of lots of vehicles - probably on yours as well.

They are really usefull - which is why they were first invented in the first place to warn or tell (indicate) other people what there intentions were on the road without freezing your hands

Why? Using them helps lots of people including drivers of cars, lorrys, vans, emergency service vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians and anyone else that happens to notice them. Also traffic would flow better without stop starting (but only for alert drivers - but we should always be alert anyway I know!) Best of all in this current ecconomic climate it actually cost nothing £0 to do!

To activate them the most common method is by moving (by hand) a lever or stalk type of thing commonly found in-front of the steering wheel (a round thing in front of the driver used to steer vehicle) - this activates a switch which then makes a circuit eventually sending electricity in pulses to the aforementioned bulb in each corner of the vehicle being driven. It really is easy and nowadays you don't have to put your hand outside the vehicle! Did I mention it's free as well?

The bulb emits a yelowy orange type of flashing light easily noticed (in day or night) by people with working eyes

They are simple to use really, I promise, yes just try it - go on.

Many drivers would be forgiven for thinking that cars have them for decorative purposes or that people just don't know what they are there for or that they simply forget there cars are equipped with them (sinced they passed the test) - perhaps relying on telepathy to communicate there intentions or maybe they are simply too busy with other things and can't be bothered (making phone calls, sandwiches, reading maps, gps, doing hair, playing with cds, ipods - oops - running out of ink) to use them

Anyway who cares?

Me because I think it's really annoying !

Use Your Indicators!

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Thanks to these sites for some ideas:
Alpha Couriers
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When to use indicators

Start indicators before you do these manouvres :

Turning left or right

Negotiating roundabouts

Changing lanes

Overtaking parked vehicles

Overtaking cyclists

Joining motorway

Coming off motorway

When pulling out or moving off from parked position

Pulling over to stop

Signalling to emergency service vehicles

Remember to use before any braking not after as modern bright brake lights "overpower" indicators so they're not noticed as easy.

Brake lights on at night from a car in front of me whilst stopped at traffic lights also annoys me - maybe I'll flick my high beam on whilst waiting see how they like bright lights in the eyes

Now about mobile phones and texting whilst driving........

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